Modifying a stamp

This witch is for “Two Old Bats Challenge“, remember we are making Halloween cards all year long. JOIN US!!!

This is my final card and I love it so much! This little witch went through a makeover! I knew I wanted to use this Dina Wakley stamp, but I also knew I wanted her to be a witch. Let me show you the original stamp and the modifications I did to her.

I used a STABILO ALL pencil, which is a pencil that reacts with water. I stamped her very lightly with a black water reactive ink so I could blend my changes with the Stabilo All pencil. I defined her nose added some curly hair and of course a witch’s hat.

I used a water soluble crayon to scribble the background and then added water to smooth it out. I love how vibrant this crayon color stayed.

Supplies for this card: Stamps (Dina Wakley), Watercolor Crayon (Derwent), Watercolor Pencil (Stabilo All), Happy Halloween sign (Target), Glitter (Distress Walnut Stickles), Pattern Papers (Target (the Halloween one) and unknown), Glitz (unknown)

13 thoughts on “Modifying a stamp

  1. WOW! Aren’t you the clever one! GREAT JOB! I would never have thought to do something like this but you did an awesome job! I love it too!! Well done!

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  2. Truly amazing work! I have never heard of this type of pencil or technique before your post! I love these stamps also but more so your talent and creativity! Thank you for sharing!

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  3. You’re truly an artist when you can alter a stamp to look completely different like you’ve done here! Brilliant idea and what a terrific Halloween card too!


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