The Larry Winget Guide to Scrapbooking as seen in Simple Scrapper..

OMG… I love it!!!!!  Jennifer @ Simple Scrapper… she has translated Larry Winget rules into a scrappin’ perspective… I’ll show you the top 5 but her list is really of 18 rules… so head over to Simple Scrapper Blog to read the rest…

In this post, I want to share with you Larry Winget’s 18 Guiding Principles for Satisfaction, Happiness and Productivity in Digital Scrapbooking. Please take them for both the core message and the tongue-and-cheek manner in which that were written.

  1. Take Responsibility. Don’t take on CT work if you’re a slacker.
  2. Love. If you hate it, delete it. I don’t care if you bought it just a month ago.
  3. Focus. Stop the chit chat and spend more time scrapping.
  4. Ask. No one will think you’re stupid if you ask a question.
  5. Keep it Simple. You’re too busy for every LO to be fine art.


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