It’s Thursday….

I am trying to get back to “nOrMaL”, whatever that is… of course people keep telling me this thing doesn’t go away for weeks, and I am starting to believe them…. It is THURSDAY which means a new sketch at the Fresh Batch at Stamps and Smiles!  I wanted to work on a little thank you box for Lisa Cook, I just need to buy some candy to send it her way!




What do you give your scrappy friend for halloween?  You give them a goodie mini matchbook bag!!!!!  I was thinking of this goodie bag and thought it would be so cute to send some scrappy halloween goodies to my scrappy friends.  I was going to keep them simple but for some reason I just kept piling up the goodness…. so instead of making 10 of them I ended up w/ one… LOL!!!!




4 thoughts on “It’s Thursday….

  1. Hi Dalis 🙂 Just read your post. Glad to hear you are all starting to feel better! Your card is cute and I LOVE the fun border.

    We hope you will see better days ahead and we will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers.

  2. i am so glad to see you back and posting :0) hope you and your family are all better now. this is so cute! and what a fantastic idea to put little bags inside :0) i will case this for sure ;0)

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