We survived the N1H1 (crossing fingers)

Hi everyone!

We went on Sunday to the pumpkin patch and had one amazing day… we had a bit for everyone… DH loved the apple cider, DD loved all the stuff to play and the pumpkin, I had fun w/ my camera… but on Monday I started to feel really bad really fast by the end of the day I told dh ” I need to go tomorrow to the doc”.  We called FIL and he took care of Bianca while I drove (by myself… I was still naive and in denial) 30 mins to the doc… when I got there I was moved pretty fast to a room all by myself (never a good sign)…. minutes later I was diagnosed w/ TYPE A Virus… doc said it could or not be N1H1, but not to worry since he was sending me w/ a prescription for Tamiflu… by the time I was ready to get out my fever has spiked to 104 and I didn’t have the strength to drive 30 mins to get home… so I told FIL I was taking a little nap in the docs office (w/ their permission) and that they have given me tylenol for the fever… 15 mins into “my nap” I started vomiting and things got nasty really really fast… doc said my symptoms now where definitively N1H1 and he was sending me to the hospital….  well… you know me I am super mommy… I said… “no thanks”  I thought that it was not fair that I hadn’t given the miraculous Tamiflu a chance to even work… so I called DH to pick me up which is an 1 and 30 min drive for him… he picks me up with FIL and Bianca which we ask him to take care of her to see if she doesn’t get it…. next day DH is sick the next night Bianca is sick…. we are feeling better… most likely to the awesome card Lisa Cook sent us… and of course the tamiflu… LOL!!!!

About my mom I will say she is in pain right now from the 7 biopsies on her breast but feeling better.  It takes 7 -10 business days in PR to get results from those… so please keep her in your prayers and good thoughts..

About my creative outlet…. what freaking creating outlet?!?!!!?  I have been most of the time in bed or limping behind Bianca (yes, I fell down and did something to my ankle AGAIN)… I just finished a freaking Bunny costume… and I am exhausted!!!!!!  I am going to try to see if I can get to work on the Stamps and Smiles Fresh batch sketch for tomorrow… but I am not feeling too good about it…. I am so tired!!!!!



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