oh my… xmas is around the corner…


So, yesterday I get an email from a store saying “ONLY 120 days till xmas!”… and I am thinking oh no…. we already started the count down?!?!?!?!  To celebrate that there are only 119 days left before xmas arrives I decided to do a xmasy card for Stamps and Smiles Fresh Batch sketch… yep it is Thursday!!!

I did a resist technique on the gifts, I stamped them w/ archival ink and then painted them w/ a clear wax stick.  I painted the bows in red w/ watercolor and then went to town w/ tons of water and green watercolor paint.  I like the texture on the watercolor, and even though there is one present that apparently I didn’t colored very well w/ the clear wax crayon I think it “adds” to the watercolor effect.


close up of the wired ribbon bow:



  • Stamps: Stamps and Smiles
  • Ribbon:  Wired gold ribbon Walmart Xmas gift packaging from last year
  • Embellishments: Big Brad (Hobby Lobby); Holographic green flower (Hobby Lobby)


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