Urban Mermaid kit


I was honored that Kate from Urban Mermaid asked me to do a few LOs with her adorable Big Wizard of Oz kit.  And it is 20% off this week only!  She also has a cute quick page as a freebie on her site @ Urban Mermaid.

A few things done here.  I cloned the background and removed some of the saturation from the top layer and then “erased” the yellow brick road from that top layer.  Then I increased the saturation on the bottom layer, making the yellow brick road a bit brighter.  The cool framer where the title is placed, is one of the elements in the kit (it looks like a journaling block) I used it as a clipping mask and used one of her light green background papers, which I changed the saturation and hues, to be brighter and have a bit more under tones… oh and I also added a butterfly wings ghost image effect to the awesome frame.  And last but not least I clipped out Bianca out of a picture from our front yard and added some wings to her, doesn’t she looks totally adorable and un-aware of the yellow brick road?


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