sweet pea… I love you!


Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, 12 years… a FULL DOZEN!  (suddenly I have an urge to make a new card w/ a 12 eggs in a carton… hmmm… do I have a stamp like that???; well leave me a comment if you know of a set that has anything similar or that it may work, maybe I have it in my room)… ok back to my post.  I wanted to get DH something really nice, but last week our dog got sick and we decided that after the Vet’s bill we can’t afford anniversary gifts… which is a bummer ’cause I think I was getting SCAL!  With me not working since last Summer (I lost my job after 11 years of being a “TOP” performer for the company), and things not going as smooth, we are going to go through a no-gift anniversary… (it breaks my heart…. and nope, not only for the SCAL… LOL!!!!  you ladies are terrible!, but I wanted to get him something NICE)… ok… I have to stop here…’cause I feel my eyes kind of getting all watered down.  (ok… I am wondering if my DH is subscribed to my blog…. )

So, here I am at my first attempt to an anniversary card for him.  Do you think this is a masculine card?  I must tell you I have no idea how to make a masculine card (maybe we should make that a Pile It On challenge).  So here is my attempt to an anniversary masculine card (stop laughing ladies…. )

Of course this covers a few challenges, including this Week’s Pile It On Challenge… and how about if I tell you that it also covers next week’s Pile It On! too….. and of course just a few more challenges… check out the list below.




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