Are you tired of not having the right size envelope?



I get so aggravated that after I make this beautiful card (for my standards) that I don’t have an envelope the right size for it. So since right now I can’t afford the Enveloper (is that what’s called?; it’s a tool to create envelopes) I have decided to make my own… the old way….


so… are you excited for me or what???? of course I am sharing the instructions with you…. I even made some images to go w/ the instructions… I really need to figure out a way to make videos, but that is another day.

Instructions for envelopes (NO MEASURING NEEDED!)

Step #1: Look for a piece of paper (thin paper is best) or wrapping paper or even pattern paper where your card will fit and have space all around it. You are going to place your card (here the green rectangle) smack in the middle of the paper you chose for the envy. Clear as mud so far?      


Step#2: Scoring around the card. This is were a thin paper is going to make a difference. You could go ahead and get your ruler and your bone folder and score around the card leaving a tiny space all around the card. All you could do like me… LOL!!!! I just go ahead and move my card a bit (for those that NEED measurements about 1/8 inch) up and fold the paper against the card… and keep doing that all around the card. In this picture the dotted lines are the score lines.



Step#3: Using a pencil draw the cutting lines like shown on Step #3 image.







Step#4: Cut following the cutting lines you did on the previous step.








Step#5: Fold the two flaps on the sides following your score lines. Apply glue (or tape) to the two flaps on the side. NOTE: Notice that I didn’t apply glue all the way to the top of the flaps since when I fold the bottom part there is a part of the flaps that is not going to be touching the bottom flap. Fold the bottom flap following the score line you did.





Step#6: Fold the bottom flap following the score line you did. And VOILA’ your envelope is finished… put your card inside and glue the top flap.


One thought on “Are you tired of not having the right size envelope?

  1. Sometimes there are really (relative) simple solutions to a problem. this is one of it…
    Thanks a lot for sharing this tutorial! I am convinced, that I will use it quite often in future 😉

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