Cricut Shaped Card tutorial


Are you making your shaped cards cutting out the shape w/ cricut and then putting on top of the cardstock and cutting w/ scissors to make the “card”? well, no more… I’ll show you how to make your shaped card in the cricut with the Design Studio software.

here is my high heel sample:


do you know that you can do the shaped card all in the cricut?, that is how I did the shoe one. You need to have the design studio software… well here are the instructions.

USING your Design Studio:
1. select your blackout shape that you want from the cricut cartridge you want. You NEED the black out to create the card base, it just looks better.  (NOTE:  for this example I used the Graphically Speaking Cartridge shoe image.)

2. Make the shape the desired size, remember it cannot be bigger than 6 inches wide unless you are using the 12×24 mat and paper that is that size.

3. After you are done w/ your image then, click the image so it’s selected. CLICK the COPY and then PASTE buttons on the bottom left hand side of the design studio window. It will place the NEW identical new shape on top of the old one (AND THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT SO FAR). Now click the FLIP checkbox below the keypad on the design studio… it will automatically flip your image to the side.

3. If you notice the images are not touching right now. You want to select the “weld” checkbox on each of the two images and then using the “X” or “Y” measurements (at the top right of the design software window, there is an “X” and a “Y”) move little by little (decrease the X number until they touch each other). I tried the nudging buttons but they wouldn’t work for me.  (NOTE: for this example I changed the “X” number and not the “Y”.   It depends where you want your images to touch and what image you are using.)

4. Do a Preview to make sure they are welded correctly. and CUT.

paper: Harmonie Loisiris Creatifs,
cardstock: Bazzill Basics
Ribbon: SnS
other: Cricut Machine, Cricut Design Studio

5 thoughts on “Cricut Shaped Card tutorial

  1. Hi,

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was going nutz trying to figure out how to flip only one image. You, my dear Stamprgrl are a genius!

  2. Thank you very much for the lesson~! I have read those manuals several time and I just could not make the connection!!
    Thanks again. Donna

  3. sandy
    she told you which cartridge she used, but just in case you didn’t read where she said “USING” it is the grafically speaking one.

  4. omg rita, thanks, I don’t have this blog anymore. I moved to a new one and I just got this out of the spam folder… thanks for answering!

    — dalis

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