Helping a boy get better

WOOT WOOT!!!  Sherry has all 26 gals now to get this little project done.  All 3 of you are in the list, my sweet friends!!!!!

Hi everyone!  Sherry’s friend needs OUR help!    You can click on “Can you help please…” and it will take you to Sherry’s website!

NOTE:   I was thinking that since Sherry is in Australia, maybe it’s better if you ladies send the pages to me and then I will ship one pkg to Sherry.  That way we save in shipping instead of sending multiple pkgs we just send one.  I’ll cover the shipping no problem w/ that!!!!

Can you help please….

Hi everyone… I am reaching out to all my friends in the scrapping world and asking you to help to contribute to a book I want to put together for my friend Wendy… On Feb 2nd, 2009 her little boy Josh who is 3 had a near drowing accident…he remains in hospital in a “vegetative” condition mostly.
Wendy started a blog about their journey since this terrible accident Josh’s blog which I have been following and reading when she updates…I have just read that they did some testing on Josh’s eyes and have determined that he can see which is great news.
Wendy mentioned that she is going to start with showing him things that are black & white with a splash of red as this colour combination is known to attract the eye.

I would like to put together a 6×6 book for Josh of ABC’s… I am asking for those who could contribute and do a page to please leave me a comment here with your email link so I can send you more details. When I have 26 people I will put the letters into a box and draw them randomnly and assign them for you to do your page.

Thanks so much I know this will be greatly appreciated by Wendy and her family.


5 thoughts on “Helping a boy get better

  1. Dalis, that just breaks my heart! I visited her blog for her son and read through it practically bawling (probably not a good idea for a pregnant mother of a toddler to read…) I would love to help out though.

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