Cute Dresses/Trajes Chulísimos

Decisions… decisions… do I go Aqua or do I go with the orange one?  

Easter is time to…. Shop for cute girl dresses!!!!   And these two from TCP (The Children’s Place) are so adorably cute!   Not sure if you can tell from the picture but they are plaid and w/ a cute rick rack on the bottom, collar and sleeves! 

Plus I have this: (and yes, that is the real coupon, so print it out and ENJOY!)


3 thoughts on “Cute Dresses/Trajes Chulísimos

  1. hey love those dreses and love the store we dont get to shop there often its about an hour away love the sotre though always good deals and the clothes are very durable!!!!

  2. Love these dress. Aqua is my fav!
    Glad you enjoyed me “Family” layout. Punches are fun! I enjoyed looking at your work on your blog as well!

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