My first tutorial/ Mi primera clase online

Hi everyone!  I am so excited!  I just uploaded my first video tutorial into You tube.  It is NOT the best video ever, but it is my best.  It is a tutorial for heat embossing.  I hope you like it!  

If you want to see the high quality version click on the link here and then select high quality from the Youtube page.

Hola a todas!  Estoy super emocionada!  Acabo de colgar mi primera clase en You tube.  No es el mejor video del mundo, pero es mi primero.  Es una clase para aprender a hacer embossing.  Espero les guste!

Si quieres verlo con mejor resolución pulsa en el video y despues selecciona “high quality” en la página de You tube.


10 thoughts on “My first tutorial/ Mi primera clase online

  1. Hey Dalis,
    That was actually a good tutorial. Thanks for letting me know about it. It is less intimidating now for me, since someone gave me their supplies. I’ll be giving it a try.

  2. Thank you very much for the comment you left on my blog. I also appreciate very much that you told me about your video tutorial. I enjoyed it a lot and the tip about the detail embossing powder was very useful. I did not know there was a difference, but I was not very happy with the results of my embossing and I thin that might be the cause. Can you name any brands for detail embossing powder?

  3. My comment went the wrong place so I’ll leave it again! I’ve never done heat embossing but it’s impressive. I’ll probably spend more money on stuff I don’t take time to do! 🙂
    P.S. GREAT job on your video!

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