I got an award/ He recibido un premio

A blog award!  Thanks to Arancha for giving me an award!  I have no words… and that my friends is hard!  

Here is the award: (isn’t it gorgeous?)

Un premio a mi blog!  Gracias a Arancha por darme el premio, no tengo palabras para agradecerla… y eso es mucho decir!

Aquí esta el premio: (verdad que está precioso?)


I have to award this to 5 people, and I was thinking of doing this a different way…. I am going to award this to people that they don’t know they inspire me.  They might not even know me, but I do “stalk”/visit their blogs for inspiration.  So they might not even post the award in their blog, but I just wanted to let them know that we get inspire by them!

Tengo que otorgar este premio a 5 personas, pero voy a hacerlo un poco diferente… Voy a otorgar este premio a personas que no saben que me inspiran todo el tiempo.  Ellas posiblemente ni me conocen, pero a mi me gusta visitar sus blogs para agarrar inspiración.  Ellas a lo mejor ni cuelgen el premio (ya que no me conozen) pero quiero decirles que aprecio toda la inspiración.

Nora (NGD) – the lady that gets me out of my grunge and back into scrappin’!

Tara – I miss seeing Tara’s picture w/ her big twin belly.

Joanne – She makes these awesome cards w/ tons of flowers, that would take me a decade to finish… but they are so gorgeous!!!!

Sharmaine – I just love her pictures and her straight up LOs and her kiddos it’s just a plus!

Julie – My scrapmode/harmonie pal, I just love stalking her blog!


3 thoughts on “I got an award/ He recibido un premio

  1. Aww thankyou!!! How super cool is that award and how MORE super cool is that you gave it to me lol
    can I come visit your blog again? I am adding yours to my bloggy list as I love your creations too!

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