UnPubbed entry!

There is an Open Call on the UnPubbed Blog, so I decided to give it a try.  These pictures are from a LO that suffered the unfortunate accident of Lulu the peeing Layout dog.  Yes, my DOG PEED on my LOs!!!  Some I was able to salvage part of them, others like this one… I was only able to salvage the photos.  I am so glad I was able to save the photos, ’cause this was before DIGI time.

I know the pictures are not so great, but it is 10pm and my bathroom lighting is bad and that is the best I could do tonight.  😦

I added some close-ups for you ladies to enjoy!




BTW. Hey ladies did you noticed I blogged twice today!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “UnPubbed entry!

  1. I love the doodling on your LO! Glad that you were able to salvage your pictures from the kitty mishap. I am also happy to have found your blog. I must have had the link wrong!

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