she said “poopy”!!!!!!

I am so excited and proud of my sweet baby girl (ahem… almost toddler).  This long weekend she surprised me with telling me she was “poopy”.  We have been telling her “you are poopy, we need to change your diaper” and out of nowhere she tells me “poopy” and heads to the stairs!!!!  I can only hope that this is a step closer to her being ready to be potty trained.  She still wakes up pretty darn wet on the mornings, we are still being saved by the “Overnight” Pamper’s.  Of course she has been oh so excited w/ a potty toy my friend Anna sent her.  THANKS ANNA!!!!!!!!

Now, moving off the “poopy” subject…. I SCRAPPED!  1st of September and 1 page done for the month.   Yes, I am going to attempt to do “PAGE A DAY” challenge from TSS.  So, here is my first page, if it looks familiar is because I already scrapped this picture, but this is one of the LOs my “dear” doggie peed on.  I did get to used some of my leftover papers from Rusty Pickle that came in my March kit from 2Gals Scrappin.

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