Envelope tutorial

Sometimes you make this awesome fun shape card… and oopsss… it doesn’t fit in your regular size envelopes.  What do you do?  well…. I am going to show you what to do…. make your own envelope… you can do this w/ any size of paper.  It all depends on your card size.

Step #1: Centralized your card on your paper.  (Green rectangle is your card, red is the paper for the envelope) ( I like using light weight paper its just easier to fold.)

Step #2: Fold your paper around the card.  Here the dotted lines are folding lines.

Step #3: Mark the dark lines as seen here, those are going to be your cutting lines. (After you understand the process you can skip this step and go directly to cutting.)
Step #4: Cut out the envelope following the cutting lines.
Step #5: Apply glue to your flaps, don’t apply glue all the way to the top of the side flaps since not all flaps will go that high.  It is all going to depend on the size of the card and paper.

Step #6: Glue the flap… and voila!


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