SNS’s ribbon RAK!

I need your help w/ a quote. I have the below picture of Bianca and DH on the ER while our vacation to Florida. I would like to use a quote for the LO, and here is where you come in to play… whom ever provides me w/ “the quote” I will use for the LO gets a RAK of ribbons from SNS.


20 thoughts on “SNS’s ribbon RAK!

  1. Okay lets see;
    1.Come on lets get happy ( maybe not since DH is smiling?)
    2. Accident happens
    3.Doctor Doctor
    4. A kiss will make it better
    5. My boo-boo’s better now
    6. My guardian angel has a tough job
    7. Does it hurt when you do that? Then don’t do that. ~ Henny Youngman
    8.What’s Up Doc? ~ Bugs Bunny
    i dunno hopefully one of those will work for ya 😉

  2. Ok…I’m not good at titles but I’ll give it a try!

    A break from vacation (in the ER)
    ER on Vacation
    Out of Town ER visit
    ER visit

    That’s all I got!
    Good luck!

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